When should you change your brand (or anything you're selling really)?

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Identifying trends and taking action before it becomes the rule.

It takes guts to change.

Especially for established brands. But when should brands update? When should a business look for renewing their branding and marketing?

I would say, once the market gets oversaturated with more of the same.

For instance, after a long period of modernist experimentation with minimal, flat and solid colored shape, the top brands became obsessed with gradients, 3D effects and shadows on their logos. These were once a trend, they have been considered visionary all through out the nineties and early two thousands, until they became the norm.

I deeply believe this is the turning point right there. Once a specific approach becomes the norm for most, it means it is time for you to get your brand together and make it stand out again. The other day I went to do some grocery shopping. As I am currently working on a full branding project for a new rum brand, I've decided to stay a bit longer after completing my purchase so I could appreciate the alcoholic and spirit displays behind the counter.

What did I realize?

Most of those brands looked and felt the same. The ones who stood out were the less known brands, which makes sense because new brands take more risks in order to stand out.

Have a look at the image, does any thing really stand out? That is how the market works, and I believe if you are aware enough, you can take advantage of it.

Famous labels such as 'Gordon's' and 'Smirnoff' have been using the same dated and over detailed/traditional branding for so long, that newer brands such as 'Haig Club' come with a completely minimal and clean approach and stand out straight away. It really is the true meaning of 'Less is more'.