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Prior to my final Design Architecture project, we were assigned an introductory project around the theme of maintenance. I started by looking at the most basic activities, executed by the janitors at the university cantine. My attention was on the process behind the cleaning, the fact that even though we move freely, there was a set of stages of tasks to follow strictly, just like a machine. So I established a connection between the human and machine and then, advanced towards something more architecture related and started analyzing the decay and maintenance of materials of materials in Brighton and London. The final result was a painting and brushing device meant to be used at the Madeira Terraces 'paintless' surfaces, inspired by the free movements of painting, but put together as a mechanical process.




The ‘Volk’s Link’ appears as a regeneration proposal for the Madeira Drive area, by enhancing a local culture and creating a public hybrid space which works as a transportation and cultural link between the site and the rest of Brighton. It tackles three(3) of the main problems on the site: the lack of cultural spaces, the lack of accesses/transportation routes to the site and mainly, the lack of awareness about a local culture. The concept was not only the create a public maintenance pavilion where the literal act of maintenance would take place, but also show the subjective side of maintenance.


The project responds to the problem in two different ways, the first one by creating spaces such as the mechanical workshops and the culture centre where the maintenance of the Volk’s railway would take place, and the second one by creating a transportation terminal and a “walkable façade” that can be used not only as a public space, but also as a connection point, maintaining then a steady circulation flow around the site. The 'pavilion’ works as a “device” which would bring life back to Madeira Drive.

Space Synesthesia: ambient no.2 - A walk through the Volk's Link

The track created displays the journey to get the tram at Volk's Link, starting from the exterior terraces at the first floor, then going inside the building, walking up the stairs and finally getting the train. The track is meant to re-create the environment and ambient of the space and have a better understanding of surroundings, occupation,  space dimensions and materiality.

Soundtrack timeline
Catching the tram: A walk through the Volk's Link - Kantara
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